About Block Sender

Block spam messages for good
The Block Sender extension adds a Block button to every message you read, right next to the Archive, Spam, and Delete buttons. Press it once to activate the extension and remove the sender's message while also blocking all future messages.

Focus on business, remove unwanted mail
Time is money, and who wants to have an inbox full of spam every morning? Automatically filter all future messages from senders you block out of your inbox. Never see another message from the email address you block ever again. Wake up with an empty inbox for once.

Anonymous for those annoying mailers
Blocking a sender doesn't notify them at all. Instead, the extension quietly hides future messages from them from your inbox, or optionally delete all future messages if you wish.

Advanced Filters
Block Sender doesn't block the entire domain, just the particular sender you don't want. In addition, if you want to automatically archive invoices, newsletters, or automated messages, you can enable the smart Sender and Subject Block to only match future messages from the sender with the same subject line.

Flag future messages from potentially spammy domains so you can recognize them before you open them.

Undo an accidental block within moments and customize the settings for more flexiability.