Gmail Block Sender Tips

Can You Block Emails?

Yes, if you want to know how to block emails on Gmail then the easiest way is to use Block Sender. With just one click of the ‘Block’ button from the menu you’ll be blocking unwanted emails in a matter of seconds.

Block Someone from Gmail

If you’re wondering how to block someone on Gmailthen there are a few options. But why mess around with those fiddly filter options when Block Sender can do it all with the push of a button. You can block a full email address, emails from the same domain or even block certain keywords. This is handy if you want to block a certain someone from your inbox!

Blocking People on Gmail

Blocking certain people in Gmail can be a long and arduous effort and involves using the Gmail spam filter. The Gmail Block Sender application gives you multiple options to effectively block spam email without ever reaching your inbox. The best thing of all is you don’t need to touch your filters. Block Sender will automatically assign your filters will relevant information based on your blocking preferences.

Creating Filters in Gmail

Creating a Gmail spam filter can be a long and confusing task for many people as they don’t have the time or patience to be able to activate their filters and make them effective. With Block Sender you won’t even need to touch your settings and filter menus as this handy app will be able to configure all your spam filters with the touch of the ‘Block’ button located on the same page as your open emails.

Block a Sender in Gmail

It can be a nuisance when you don’t know how to block people on Gmail. You’ll keep on receiving their spam emails and sometimes the Gmail spam filter can be ineffective. With the Block Sender app all you need to do is click the drop-down button from the ‘Block’ button and choose ‘All emails from this sender’. Voila! No more spam from that address!

Using Filters in Gmail

When people think of methods of how to stop junk email in Gmail their first thought is by using the filters or simply letting Gmail’s standard spam filters sort out the problem. These methods rarely work effectively. Using filters properly can be troublesome for someone unfamiliar with the Gmail filter system. The quickest method to stop spam emails is to let Block Sender take the hassle out of your filtering service. Just click on the ‘Block’ button and you’re done. No more spam, no more time wasted!

Blocking Email Addresses on Gmail

Sometimes all you want to do is block an email address in Gmail. This can be achieved with Block Sender via the click of a button. Simply click on the email message from the email you want to block and click the ‘Block’ button on top. All done, it really couldn’t be simpler. You’ll never have an email from that sender again.

Blocking Unwanted Emails

When you have lots of junk emails in your inbox it can be a daunting task to make sure that when you remove them you won’t get any more from that sender. The method of how to stop unwanted emails can vary by user but the sure-fire way to make sure that they don’t even get to your inbox is to use Block Sender for Gmail. Block Sender has a very handy feature which allows you to not only block an email but also the option of where to put the email after it’s been blocked. There are two options here, either send the email to your archives or just permanently delete it. Both options mean that you willnever see those pesky emails as they get received.

Can I Block Email on Gmail

Yes, it’s a very easy task when using Block Sender for Gmail. When you want to block emails in Gmail all you need to do is open up the email from the offending spammer and click on the ‘Block’ button on the above pane. This will automatically block all emails from that sender, domain or even emails with the same subject.

Gmail Filter Help

Gmail has its own email filtering which enables users to be able to filter certain emails based on specific email addresses, certain words contained within the email and subject line and even if the email doesn’t contain certain words. This can be accessed by clicking the cog icon on the right hand side then Settings from the drop-down menu and then click Filters. Block Sender manages all of the filters in Gmail from the front end on the same page as your inbox so you’ll never have to delve into the settings menu again. A lot easier than going through three sets of menus!

Gmail Block a Domain

If you want to stop junk email from a specific domain then Block Sender for Gmail is the perfect solution. It takes just two clicks to be able to completely block a domains email from clogging up your email account. From the open spam email just click on the drop-down menu from the ‘Block’ button situated at the top of the page, from there just select the option of ‘All email with this domain’ and you’ll stop junk email from that specific domain.

Blocking Senders in Gmail

If you want to block someone on Gmail due to the amount of spam emails that you are receiving then all you need to do is click the ‘Block’ button from their open email and that person will then be blocked. Short and sweet...and permanent!

Blocking Spam in Gmail

Get rid of spam before it reaches your email inbox. Just install Block Sender for Gmail with a one-click installation and you’re ready to go. Block individual senders, emails, keywords, porn advertisement emails and even emails with the same subject line. From one simple app you can get rid of spam emails with ease, and best of all, it’s free!

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Gmail does an excellent job of blocking spam, but sometimes you just want to go the extra mile and prevent some mail from ever reaching your account.
Dave Greenbaum
If you’re looking to block unwanted emails, particularly from certain senders who send you unsolicited messages, an extension for Google Chrome called Block Sender is a great solution.
Kim Barloso
Make Tech Easier
While Gmail is quite good at blocking spam, nothing had particularly worked for me until I gave Block Sender a shot. This handy little extension for Google Chrome makes blocking Gmail spam ever easier...
Waqas Ahmed
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Makes this process very easy and will prevent you from getting inundated with pointless emails
Ryan Bushey
Business Insider
I didn’t know quite how much this could become a valuable part of my daily Gmail routine until I started using it. Thanks!
Amber Case
Instead of trying to filter spam, I like gmail block sender. It is easy to block spam on gmail so I can focus on what matters most
Andrea Webster
Founder of AlmaVida