How Do I Bounce Back Emails From Someone?

Annoying emails can fill up anyone’s Gmail inbox. Whatever they are and wherever they come from, Block Sender for Gmail can help you put a stop to it. One of the features of Block Sender is the ability to bounce back an email sent from anyone. What this does is to send a message back to the sender of the “offending email” and use the standard undeliverable message. In short, it makes the sender think that your address is no longer valid by sending an error reply.

To bounce back an email from someone, simply follow these instructions.

Step 1) Open Google Chrome and load the Block Sender website. Click the Install Block Sender Button.

Step 2) Open the email in question. You’ll see a Block button next to the Delete button on the messages toolbar. Click the down arrow button and choose Options.

Step 3) In the lower middle section of the Options screen (right side), you’ll see a checkbox saying “Send a fake bounced message after blocking”. Click that option box to turn it on. Set any other options as you see fit.

Step 4) Close the Options tab to be returned to the email you’re about to block.

Step 5) Click the Block button and close the email.

The typical case when the sender of the problem email sees the returned mail with the standard error/undeliverable message is that they think the address is wrong or no longer valid. But even if they figure out it’s a fake error message, it won’t matter because the sender was also added to the block list at the same time.

Also note that you still have the “safety nets” included with Block Sender in the Options. Depending on what you chose for options to use on any given problem email, you can still recover it and unblock senders quite easily. The “safety nets” are in place in case anyone accidentally blocks the wrong sender or wishes to unblock a sender at a later time. You also have the ability to edit the error message to whatever you like. However, the standard default undeliverable error message already included really doesn’t need changing.

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