How to Block Emails on Gmail

We’ve all been there. You’ve had messages in your inbox that you just wish weren’t there and as far as you knew there’s no way of getting them to stop being delivered as the Gmail spam filter just doesn’t tick all the boxes...until now.

Block Sender for Gmail is a free spam blocker app that lets you choose which emails to block via the clever use of filters, it’s fully customisable and takes only seconds to install and use. Below is a list of the main functions and ways in which you can block unwanted emails;

  • Blocking email addresses
  • Blocking domains
  • Sending fake error messages
  • Blocking certain keywords
  • Blocking specific subjects

Step-by-Step Guide for How to Stop Spam Email

Install Block Sender for Gmail

Installing the Block Sender for Gmail App couldn’t be easier. It’s simply a case of going to the Block Sender for Gmail app page or website and installing it.

Once you’ve installed the app it’s just a matter of logging into your Gmail account where you’ll see an extra drop down menu called ‘Block’.

Block Button Highlight

From here on in it gets even easier and you’ll find out how to stop junk email from reaching your inbox with ease.

Method 1 – How to Stop Spam Email Based on Email Address

If you would like to block emails based on the senders email address then all you need to do is open up the email and click on the ‘Block’ drop-down menu. Click on the ‘All email from this sender’ button and you’re done.

Block Email from Sender Highlight

You’ll see a pop-up message confirming that you have blocked the senders email.

Blocked Email Highlight

If you’ve accidentally clicked the block button then you have a chance of undoing this action by clicking on the ‘Undo’ button within the pop-up.

Email-Address Blocked Highlight

It really is as easy as that when it comes to blocking emails by the senders email address. Dependant on which option you have selected (which we’ll cover later in this article), all the emails will now be deleted automatically or sent to your email archive. You’ll never see an email from that recipient again, handy!

Method 2 – How to Stop Junk Email Based on Domain

The second method to block unwanted emails is to block them based on which domain they are originating from.

As with every blocking action you’ll need to click on the drop-down ‘Block’ menu first and then select ‘All email from this domain’.

Block newsletters Highlight

This option will allow you to block all emails based on the domain of the originating email. This is particularly good at blocking unwanted newsletter subscriptions and special offers from websites as this will catch all of them and filter them out to your specified location (Trash or Archive).

Method 3 – Sending Fake Error Messages to the Recipient

This option is a very powerful option which can potentially enable you to completely stop spam emails based on error messages. If the email is sent out by emailing software and they receive an error email in return they could delete your email from their future promotional mail-shots altogether.

From the ‘Block’ drop-down menu just click on ‘Respond with an error email’. This will generate an error email and will auto-populate the email with your email address and subject line.

Fake-error-message Highlight

From here-on in it’s just a case of clicking the ‘Send’ button at the bottom left of the opened draft and it’ll send the error email to the recipient.

Fake-error-message Highlight Send

Method 4 – Blocking Unwanted Emails Based on Keywords

If you have an overwhelming amount of unwanted emails coming through to your Gmail inbox then this could be the answer you’ve been looking for. This option quickly and effectively searches out user-defined keywords through the emails. If it finds your keywords it will block the email and treat it as an unwanted email.

To block emails based on your keyword criteria then click on the ‘Block’ drop-down menu, from there click on ‘All email with a word/phrase’. A prompt box will appear asking you to define the word or phrase you wish to search for in incoming emails. In this example the word we wish to search for is ‘Poker’.

Keyword Blocking

Click on ‘Next’ and a confirmation box will appear asking you to double check the word and confirm, or if you have made a mistake to go back and edit.

Keyword Blocking Confirmation

If you are sure the word selected is correct then click the ‘Yes’ button.

Once you have confirmed the word or phrase a notification will appear stating that all emails with the chosen word or phrase will be blocked. As usual, you have a small timeframe to undo this change by clicking on the ‘Undo’ button within the pop-up.

All mail with word highlight

Method 5 – Blocking Unwanted Emails Based on the Same Subject Matter

With this option you can block all emails based on the subject line. Every email will be checked for the matching subject line and will be blocked should they match.

From the ‘Block’ drop-down menu just click on ‘All email with same subject’. This will quickly eliminate all emails which have a matching subject line.

Subject Blocked Example

As usual you can undo the action by clicking on the ‘Undo’ button within the confirmation pop-up.

The Options Menu

Where would we be without the trusty options menu? From the options menu we can really tweak the Block Sender spam blocker application and make it shine. Although there aren’t many options each one plays an important role in ensuring that you won’t be hassled by annoying, unwanted emails.

On the left hand pane you will see a couple of options. The first noticeable thing is the amount of blocks that you have remaining on the free version.

Settings Remaining Highlight

With the free version you have 5 blocks per month. With the paid version you have 500 or more blocks so you won't have to worry about email spam again. This lucky user pictured has the paid version and so they’ll have a lovely clean, spam free inbox forever!

There is also a ‘Help’ drop-down menu on the left. This drop-down menu gives you two options; the ‘About’ page and the ‘FAQ’ page which will have the frequently answered questions about Block Sender for Gmail. In the unlikely event that your problem has not been addressed within the FAQ page then there is also a ‘Priority Support’ button which takes you through to the help form so you can directly send a query to the developers who will help you get your problem sorted fast.

Settings Help Highlight

The first set of options on the main settings page is the option to be able to choose the default action of pressing the ‘Block’ button. This is great if you want to quickly choose the same action for many different unwanted emails. The options are:

  • Block all email from the specific sender
  • Block all emails from the senders website
  • Block all email with the same subject line (mutes an email conversation but not the senders)
Settings Block Button Action

The second set of options allows you to choose the destination of the unwanted emails once they have been determined as spam. The two options are:

  • Be sent to the trash
  • Skip the inbox and be archived
Settings delete spam auto

If you find that pressing the ‘Undo’ button can be troublesome and the notification doesn’t stick around for long enough then you can change how long it displays this option. The default is set to 3 seconds but can be increased for as long as you like giving you extra thinking time.

Settings Undo Action

Undoing Blocking Errors

If you have accidentally blocked some email addresses and you haven’t been quick enough to click the ‘Undo’ button then all is not lost. You can still rectify these errors easily enough.

From the ‘Cog’ options on the right hand side panel of the main Gmail message screen click the ‘Settings’ option on the drop-down menu.

Gmail Settings Highlight

From the selection pane spanning across the top of the page select ‘Filters’.

Settings Filters

This will now bring up a list of filtered items that you have auctioned through Block Emails on Gmail in a handy list format with all the details you need.

Settings Individual Filter

You now have the option of deleting the filter entirely which effectively will let it be sent to your inbox as if the filter never existed. Alternatively you can edit the filter if you need to tweak some of the settings.

Settings Delete Filter

Powerful Extra That You Get With the Plus Version

There’s nothing like knowing that you have complete control over your Gmail inbox and with the Plus version you truly have the whole range of anti-spam controls at your fingertips.

But why should you get the Plus version? What extras does it give you?

With the Plus version you get the following extras:

  • 500 email blocks
  • Block Emails with ‘Unsubscribe’ link automatically
  • Block sexual spam messages automatically
  • The ability to block sub-domains
  • The ability to star messages from websites you’ve already blocked
  • Editable error response messages

500 Email Blocks

Why would you want to stop when you’re on a roll? With the Plus version you’ll be able to block tons of spammers to keep your inbox sparkly and clean, forever!

Block ‘Unsubscribe’ and ‘Sexual Spam’ Messages

With Block Sender Plus you’ll receive two premium filters which allows you to automatically block sexual spam messages and email messages with an unsubscribe link contained within.

Click automatically setup

With a single click you can rid your email inbox of sexual spam messages...

Filter Sexual Spam Clicked

...and unsubscribe link emails.

Sexual Spam Blocing example

This alone is a very powerful spam blocker feature but with the other Plus features Block Sender Plus is the only tool to use.

For a limited time only Block Sender Plus can be yours for $4.99 per month giving you full access to all of the features listed. What’s more, if you purchase a yearly license then you can take advantage of a huge saving of over 50% off the usual price. That’s a yearly price of only $29. That’s less than $2.50 per month!

Just click on the ‘Upgrade Now’ button on the left hand side of the options menu to receive this massive discount to Block Sender Pro.

Upgrade Special

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