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Permanently block any email in one click with Block Sender for Gmail. Works for email addresses, domains, subject lines and even keywords. No more complicated filters to setup in Gmail.

Popular Uses:
- Block someone from harassing you with unwanted email
- Block any newsletter you didn't subscribe for and never see it again.
- Shopping sites sending you email you don't want to read? Block them in one click.
- Getting a lot of notification messages from Facebook, Twitter, or social media services you signed up for? Block them all.
- Set up simple filters without having to worry about the cumbersome options.
- Fake your email death for those people you really don't want to talk to. Ever. Again.
- Relationship ended horribly? Never see another message from your ex again.
- Can't block a particular address? Flag all messages from certain domain names.

- Adds a "Block" button into Gmail. When you get a message you don't want, block the sender permanently.
- Anonymous: The sender won't know that any message you get goes to your trash immediately.
- Flexible: Undo accidental blocks.
- Freedom: Permanently delete messages or have them skip the inbox.
- Advanced Filtering: Block sub-domains, subjects, or even individuals with an upgrade.
- Insightful: Flag future messages from the same domain.
- Privacy: Automatically create a fake "This email doesn't exist" error message to appear in the other person's inbox.

Works With:
- Gmailâ„¢
- Google Apps Email

Contact: support (at)
Bugs: bugs (at)

Plans and Pricing:
Block Sender has a free monthly plan and an unlimited use monthly plan. It is free to use Block Sender up to a limited number of blocks every month, which resets after 30 days. Share on Facebook or Twitter to unlock more free blocks per month or upgrade to our monthly or yearly unlimited use plans for $4.99 monthly or $29 per year (only $2.50 per month compared to monthly payment)

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