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What is Block Sender?

The Block Sender extension adds a Block button to every message you read. Press it once to activate the extension and remove the sender's message while also blocking all future messages. Connect with us on Block Sender for Gmail Facebook or Block Sender Gmail on Twitter

How can I download Block Sender? You can download Block Sender from the Google Chrome Extension store or by clicking the link at

How do I use Block Sender with Gmail? Once you have downloaded the extension from the Chrome Extension Store, just go to Gmail or Google Apps to see the change when reading messages.

Can I use Block Sender with Google Apps Mail? Yes, Block Sender works on both Gmail and also Google Apps mail.

Is Block Sender available for Mac and Windows? Yes, Block Sender is for Windows and Mac. Block Sender is available as a Google Chrome browser extension. You can download it for free from the Chrome Extension Store, or at

Can I use Block Sender with Firefox? We're beta testing a Firefox extension right now, and hope to have it done soon.

Is Block Sender available for iOS or Android? Block Sender is an extension for Google Chrome, so it is only available for Mac and Window PCs, not iPhones, iPads, iOS devices or Android phones/tablets.

Where is the Block button? The Block button is located above messages you read, right next to Archive, Spam, and Delete. It blends naturally into the Gmail design that you may almost wonder how you ever did without it.

What happens when I press the Block button? Any message you block will be automatically archived in a moment and you will be returned to the inbox. In addition, a filter will be created based on your custom settings, so that you never receive another message from the particular sender you blocked again. This seamless experience is what makes Block Sender unique.

Where do messages I block go? Blocked messages are moved to your Archived messages folder You can still access blocked messages in your Archive folder, just like if you have archived the message naturally. Optionally, you change the settings from Archive to Delete to permanently remove any message you block and put it in your trash.

When I Block a message, why doesn't it disappear from the view? If the message doesn't immediately close and disappear from your inbox, refresh your Gmail inbox by clicking the inbox link. The message will no longer be there.

Is Block Sender free? It is free to use Block Sender up to a limited number of blocks. After which, you can purchase the extension with unlimited blocks for $9.99 or 100 blocks for $1.99, and an introductory sample package of 10 blocks for $0.99

How can I customize the options? Right-click the Block Sender toolbar icon and select Options to view and customize all options such as undo, archive, delete, subject matching and flagging.

Where can I view a list of feature for the Google Chrome extension? View the entire list of features at Block Sender Features

Can I install Block Sender on multiple computers? Block Sender is tied to each computer you install it on. To use it on multiple computers, please purchase multiple user licenses.

What if I have another question? Please send an email to support at or use the following contact form to reach us now.