Bounce Back Email to the Sender!*

Bounce back email to the sender

Can't get rid of annoying emails?

Send it right back to the sender.

Don't change your email address just to stop one person from emailing you. Bounce back their messages with Block Sender's nearly authentic looking "Mailbox Not Found" error messages.

At first glance, the bounced messages look just like the real thing. The error message is sent back each time they continue to message you meanwhile blocking their email from your inbox.

Perfect for broken friendships, unreasonable ex relationships, and people who won't leave your inbox alone.

* Available only in premium plans    

Block 99.9% of the Email You Don't Want


    Someone bothering you? Block them discretely in one click as Gmail™ spam filters can't.


    Newsletters you can't unsubscribe from? Stop messages from any website in one click.


    Wipe spam such as disgusting men's health or phishing scams clear from your inbox.


    Permanently ban annoying people from your inbox, no matter how much "money" they promise you.


    Gmail™ spam filters don't work on crazy ex-lovers, but Block Sender for Gmail™ does.

  • And many more...

    These are just a few examples of how people have used Block Sender for Gmail™ to free their inbox.

Gmail does an excellent job of blocking spam, but sometimes you just want to go the extra mile and prevent some mail from ever reaching your account.
Dave Greenbaum
If you’re looking to block unwanted emails, particularly from certain senders who send you unsolicited messages, an extension for Google Chrome called Block Sender is a great solution.
Kim Barloso
Make Tech Easier
While Gmail is quite good at blocking spam, nothing had particularly worked for me until I gave Block Sender a shot. This handy little extension for Google Chrome makes blocking Gmail spam ever easier...
Waqas Ahmed
Addictive Tips

How does Block Sender work?

Download with Google Chrome Web Browser.

Download with Google Chrome Web Browser

In Your Gmail™ Inbox, click Block in an Email.

Block button in Gmail

Blocked Emails Never Appear in the Inbox.

Stop email in gmail

Reduce the clutter your inbox gets every day

Reduce the spam you get in Gmail
Makes this process very easy and will prevent you from getting inundated with pointless emails
Ryan Bushey
Business Insider
I didn’t know quite how much this could become a valuable part of my daily gmail routine until I started using it. Thanks!
Amber Case
Instead of trying to filter spam, I like block sender. It is easy to block spam on Gmail so I can focus on what matters most
Andrea Webster

Block people from emailing you

Dreading to see a new message
from a certain someone?

Block their email address.

Experience freedom from the fear of opening your inbox only to discover new email from your ex-lover, ex-coworker, or the latest drunken hate from an angry friend.

Discretely hide their messages from your inbox and send them straight to the trash. You'll never see emails from their address in your inbox ever again.

How to block people in gmail

Block websites from spamming you

How to block all email from a domain in gmail

Are websites spamming you?

Make them disappear in one-click.

Wipe your inbox clean with the most powerful block. Faster than unsubscribing. Permanently block all messages from websites you never subscribed to.

With Block Sender, if you block the entire website domain, you'll never get another newsletter or notification ever again.

Block same subjects for newsletters

Notifications destroying your inbox?

Hide them in one click.

Free your inbox from repeat spammers that always use the same subject line. Kill daily automated notifications, newsletters, mailer daemon return to sender spam, and junk you don't even need to read.

It's one of the most precise block options and won't stop other messages from the website. (In case you still need to see other messages from that site.)

How to block newsletters from a website in gmail

Block keywords for everything else

How to block email with a keyword in Gmail

Difficult spammer you've already tried to stop?

Permanently ban with a keyword.

Some spammers can't be stopped by spam filters in Gmail™ because they change their email address each time, flooding your inbox.

With Block Sender, identify a word or phrase the spammer mentions in every message and ban them all no matter how many times the spammer tries. (This could block good mail that has the same words, so use this powerful block with caution)

Blocked by accident? Unblock easily

A simple way to undo mistakes.

You can block or unblock someone. Every block you create is available in a list you can edit or delete.

In addition, in case of accidentally pressing the Block button, you can Undo the action instantly. It's quick and painless.

Unblock someone in Gmail

Something Every Gmail™ User Needs to Protect Their Inbox

  • Block Unwanted Email in One-Click

    Opt-out from any email sender in one-click. No more complicated spam filter for Gmail™ to setup.

  • Keep Your Inbox Free

    You choose to delete messages on arrival or have them skip the inbox and automatically archived.

  • Create a Fake Mailbox Not Found Email

    Bounce back unwanted emails with a nearly realistic "This email doesn't exist" error message.

  • Fully Anonymous

    Private and secure email blocking. The sender won't know you aren't seeing their messages.

  • Works with Gmail™ and Google Apps™

    Designed for Gmail™ and tested to work on Google Apps™ for other users.

  • Control Advanced Filters

    Block sub-domains, subjects, or individuals. Even flag future messages from the same domain.

Over time, Block Sender can stop
1,000s of messages from your inbox

Spam Filter Gmail

Choose a free or premium blocking plan

Free Plan


For individuals. Try it now!

  • Block a few messages
  • No premium filters
  • Can't bounce back email
  • Works with Gmail™
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Premium Plan


per month

  • 500 Blocks
  • Premium Filters
  • Bounce Back Email Option
  • Works with Gmail™
  • Works with Google Apps™
  • Free Upgrades
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Premium Yearly


$59 $19

per year (60% off monthly)

  • Bounce Back Any Email
  • 500 Blocks
  • Premium Filters
  • Works with Gmail
  • Works with Google Apps
  • Free Upgrades
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Share up to 10 accounts

  • 1 entire year of premium
  • Bounce Back Any Message
  • Good for companies
  • Share with employees
  • Works with Google Apps
  • 1000 Blocks
  • Free Upgrades
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Gmail™ User Reviews

Lots of options. And can be used regularly
A good improvement to anti-spam
A must have for your inbox

My daughter has been receiving incredibly explicit spam mail recently and this "Block Sender" app has really helped put a stop to those disgusting emails.
I was getting SO MUCH spam on my primary email address that I had to start using another address, but was still being plagued by daily spam when I saw this app. I downloaded it and have waited now for a while to be sure it was working, but can say without a doubt this app works. I open my spam folder, open each message, block sender and delete forever and that seems to stem the flow of this burdensome nuisance.
Jay Rose
Been hoping for this for a long time, It's great.
Love it, love it!! (evil grin) all of the deadbeats that ignore your unsubscribe get what they have coming to them with a simple keystroke...awesome!
I'm glad we have a blocker, these emails are driving me nuts and I don't want to change my email account.
Tall Sally
Still experimenting with whether to block a domain or just the subject line. It's been very useful in blocking an ex friend who likes to send nasty emails once the friendship is over. Also works for spam that doesn't ever get picked up by the Mac mail program.
Just what I needed to block a CRAZZZZZY Ex....
A Google User
Awesome and helpful. Keeps unwanted mails away!
Maitreyi M
Great app. Easy to use. The Block icon shows up right in your toolbar. Have option to send a Canned response and if that is not enabled already, the app has a button to take you right to it and enable it.
Since a long time my email id was going through spamming and I was really fed up of unwanted mails that were coming every single day.This wonderful app helped me a lot and I am completely satisfied with it.Also its quite easy to use.
It is a great way to get rid of email from people who might try to cyber bully you.
A Google User
Should be a feature of Gmail anyway.
Darren Williams

Gmail™ User FAQ

  • Q. Does it really block their email?

    A. Messages from people you block never appear in your inbox ever again.

  • Q. What happens to their messages?

    A. All messages go directly to your trash and deleted after 30 days.
    The sender will never know you blocked them.

  • Q. They have more than one email address!

    A. You can block the entire website they're sending mail from.

  • Q. Is Block Sender really free?

    A. Block Sender is free for your first few blocks. Test drive it now:

Block Sender is Almost Too Easy

It's a smart yet simple idea. Find out how you can block someone on Gmail™. Get rid of spam and stop unwanted emails with clever rules on top of powerful filters built by Google™.

Blocking senders in Gmail™ has never been this easy. It's a genius idea readily available for you with Block Sender for Gmail™ that was once only available to people who used email clients like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. So what are you waiting for? Learn how to block emails on Gmail™.

Thousands of people around the world keep their inbox free of unwanted mail with Block Sender.

Block Spam in Gmail™