Something Every Gmail™ User Needs to Protect Their Inbox

  • Block Unwanted Email in One-Click

    Opt-out from any email sender in one-click. No more complicated filters to setup for Gmail™.

  • Keep Your Inbox Free

    You choose to delete messages on arrival or have them skip the inbox and automatically archived.

  • Create a Fake Mailbox Not Found Email

    Bounce back unwanted emails with a nearly realistic "This email doesn't exist" error message.

  • Fully Anonymous

    Private and secure email blocking. The sender won't know you aren't seeing their messages.

  • Works with Gmail™ and Google Apps™

    Designed for Gmail™ and tested to work on Google Apps™ for other users.

  • Control Advanced Filters

    Block sub-domains, subjects, or individuals. Even flag future messages from the same domain.

Makes this process very easy and will prevent you from getting inundated with pointless emails
Ryan Bushey
Business Insider
I didn’t know quite how much this could become a valuable part of my daily Gmail™ routine until I started using it. Thanks!
Amber Case
Instead of trying to filter spam, I like block sender. It is easy to block spam on Gmail™ so I can focus on what matters most
Andrea Webster
Founder of AlmaVida

Block Sender for Gmail™ is Almost Too Easy

One Button, Many Tools

Target each type of unwanted email with a specific filter. Block an email address, entire domain, or the same subject for difficult-to-block senders. Don't let spam win. Fight back.

  • Block all email from any specific email address

  • Block all email from the sender's website

  • Block all email with the same subject line
    (mutes an email conversion but not the senders)

How to block emails on Gmail™

Can't get rid of annoying emails?

Stop spam notifications from social networks, shopping sites, and newsletters with Block Sender powered by Gmail™ advanced filters. Unsubscribe from any sender in one-click without leaving your inbox and stop unwanted emails. Find out how to block emails on Gmail™ and stop spam.

Don't jump through hoops to unsubscribe from every single newsletter. With Block Sender, get rid of email in one-click. You'll never see another message from the same email address again. It's that easy, try Block Sender today

Reduce the clutter your inbox gets every day.

Choose a free or premium unlimited blocking plan

Free Plan


For individuals. Try it now!

  • Block a few messages
  • No premium filters
  • Works with Gmail™
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Premium Plan


per month

  • Unlimited Blocks
  • Premium Filters
  • Works with Gmail™
  • Works with Google Apps™
  • Free Upgrades
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Premium Yearly


per year (50% off monthly)

  • Unlimited Blocks
  • Premium Filters
  • Works with Gmail™
  • Works with Google Apps™
  • Free Upgrades
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Enterprise Edition


For teams and companies

  • Unlimited Blocks
  • Custom Filters
  • Works with Google Apps™
  • Unrestricted Mult-Seat License
  • No Branding
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Block Sender is Almost Too Easy

It's a smart yet simple idea. Find out how you can block someone on Gmail™. Get rid of spam and stop unwanted emails with clever rules on top of powerful filters built by Google™.

Blocking senders in Gmail™ has never been this easy. It's a genius idea readily available for you with Block Sender for Gmail™ that was once only available to people who used email clients like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. So what are you waiting for? Learn how to block emails on Gmail™.

Hundreds of people around the world keep their inbox free of unwanted mail with Block Sender.