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Gmail does an excellent job of blocking spam, but sometimes you just want to go the extra mile and prevent some mail from ever reaching your account.
Dave Greenbaum
If you’re looking to block unwanted emails, particularly from certain senders who send you unsolicited messages, an extension for Google Chrome called Block Sender is a great solution.
Kim Barloso
Make Tech Easier
While Gmail is quite good at blocking spam, nothing had particularly worked for me until I gave Block Sender a shot. This handy little extension for Google Chrome makes blocking Gmail spam ever easier...
Waqas Ahmed
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Gmail™ User Reviews

Lots of options. And can be used regularly
A good improvement to anti-spam
A must have for your inbox

My daughter has been receiving incredibly explicit spam mail recently and this "Block Sender" app has really helped put a stop to those disgusting emails.
I was getting SO MUCH spam on my primary email address that I had to start using another address, but was still being plagued by daily spam when I saw this app. I downloaded it and have waited now for a while to be sure it was working, but can say without a doubt this app works. I open my spam folder, open each message, block sender and delete forever and that seems to stem the flow of this burdensome nuisance.
Jay Rose
Been hoping for this for a long time, It's great.
Love it, love it!! (evil grin) all of the deadbeats that ignore your unsubscribe get what they have coming to them with a simple keystroke...awesome!
I'm glad we have a blocker, these emails are driving me nuts and I don't want to change my email account.
Tall Sally
Still experimenting with whether to block a domain or just the subject line. It's been very useful in blocking an ex friend who likes to send nasty emails once the friendship is over. Also works for spam that doesn't ever get picked up by the Mac mail program.
Just what I needed to block a CRAZZZZZY Ex....
A Google User
Awesome and helpful. Keeps unwanted mails away!
Maitreyi M
Great app. Easy to use. The Block icon shows up right in your toolbar. Have option to send a Canned response and if that is not enabled already, the app has a button to take you right to it and enable it.
Since a long time my email id was going through spamming and I was really fed up of unwanted mails that were coming every single day.This wonderful app helped me a lot and I am completely satisfied with it.Also its quite easy to use.
It is a great way to get rid of email from people who might try to cyber bully you.
A Google User
Should be a feature of Gmail anyway.
Darren Williams